April 2008

CHARLOTTE, NC– This week board and members of the Delaware Valley Virtual Assistants Association (DVVAA) attended the International Virtual Assistants Association’s (IVAA) seventh Annual Summit at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina, at what proved to be one of its best conferences to date. With 83 professionals in attendance from the US and Canada over the three-day event, DVVAA members made up a whopping 15% of the Summit participants!


DVVAA attendees included all of its board members: Carla Wilson, President; Michelle Murphy, VP of Marketing; Laura Pumo, VP of Communication; Corie Stewart, VP of Membership; and Mary Motz, VP of Technology.


The IVAA Summit for virtual assistants (VAs) included a variety of presentations, breakout sessions with panel and round table discussions, plus numerous informal networking opportunities. Keynote Speaker Dave Lieber (www.yankeecowboy.com) delighted the audience with his opening and closing remarks, touching on topics such as the importance of customer service. VA industry pioneer Tawnya Sutherland of the Virtual Assistant Network Association (www.vanetworking.com )  spoke about SEO optimization for business. Marketing was a recurring theme at the event, and was expanded on by dynamic speakers such as Debbra Sweet of Sweet Marketing (www.sweetmarketingsolutions.com) and Stephanie Frank (www.stephaniefrank.com), best-selling author of “The Accidental Millionaire”. Other subjects ranged from niches in bookkeeping, transcription and writing, to working for life coaches and providing VA support in the real estate industry.


“Dinner with Strangers” on Thursday evening set the stage for a unique and wonderful networking opportunity. Each conference participant signed up for dinner at one of four restaurants and was able to interact over a meal with someone they may not have previously met.


For the upcoming year, Michelle Murphy of Murphy Assistants will be working with the Sponsorship Committee on numerous IVAA events, including its Summit 2009, for which she will be soliciting and managing the organization’s corporate sponsorship.


IVAA (www.ivaa.org ) is an industry leader dedicated to promoting and aiding professional development within the VA industry. DVVAA serves Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, working with both clients requiring specialized business assistance, as well as VAs looking for contracts or support.



Moorestown, NJ Interstate Connecting Components (ICC), a global wholesaler of military- and commercial-grade connectors, collaborated with Murphy Assistants (MA) to make its National Sales Meeting in February, 2008, a resounding success.


Originally established in 1986 as a supplier of US Navy shipbuilding connectors, ICC has grown to become a preeminent distributor of the entire spectrum of connectors, spanning applications in aerospace, shipbuilding, avionics, telecommunication, and broadcast markets worldwide.


When it came time to organize its annual National Sales Meeting, ICC sought the conference planning expertise of Murphy Assistants, a full-service company of virtual assistants (VAs).


Corporate delegates attended from all of ICC’s branch locations, including New Jersey, California and Virginia, and with the help of Murphy Assistants, the meeting was “virtually” seamless! Before, during and long after the meeting, Murphy Assistants was there to ensure that no detail was overlooked.


Murphy Assistants assisted with the whole gamut of particulars that any trade event entails: presentation preparation, travel and hotel arrangements, on-site assistance, and catering, to name but a few. Murphy Assistants also organized a networking social on Saturday evening at Café Madison, worked closely with all vendors, and followed up with feedback from the attendees, to assist ICC with planning next year’s event.


Murphy Assistants is a one-stop business support team of VAs offering administrative assistance with office management, event planning and desktop publishing. Interstate Connecting Components is a world-class distributor of military and commercial connectors and connector accessories.


Interstate Connecting Components (ICC)


Murphy Assistants





Amidst an ever-louder cacophony of environmental doomsday projections, it’s daunting to know how to make a personal contribution to the cause. The answer may be simpler than you think. If you happen to be equally unsure as to whether to outsource some of your administrative work, consider this: it could well be your opportunity to get temporary office help and do your part for the environment!


Many people in the business world are aware of the advantages of using a Virtual Assistant (VA), including enabling them to outsource tasks which are stressful, mundane, outside their own skill set, or that get left on the back burner for whatever reason. The VA is only paid for actual hours worked on each particular task. And there are none of the stress or medical leave worries, or the benefit, bonuses and tax headaches associated with full time employees.


But think of the environmental implications of hiring a home office VA as opposed to a traditional, commuting employee. From the moment the VA gets dressed and ready to work, she has already spared the environment in numerous ways. The casual clothes worn by VAs working from home have introduced little or no dry-cleaning solvent into the wastewater. The 10-second commute to the home office released no significant air, water, land or noise pollutants nor required any fossil fuel consumption. The VA’s office uses fewer lights, almost no paper (and by inference toner and printer cartridges), and the VA more than likely turns off the printer, computer, copier and modem when not in use. Then there are the take out meal containers and utensils she didn’t use, and the harsh industrial strength chemicals that didn’t go down the drain. What does it all mean? Less energy used, a smaller landfill burden, less particulate in the air, less noise pollution and fewer logged trees.


So, how can you do your part? Mentally unchain yourself from those pestering office projects that never seem to get done, and leave the administrative work to VAs. It will be good for your business and sanity, plus will do wonders for the environment. Less time spent in the rat race means more time spent nurturing healthy family and community ties.

Thanks to a wonderful live session with Michael Price at www.mlbroadcast.com, I am making my way slowly into the world of blogging. I am very excited to set up this space and share some of the valuable tips, tricks and business resources that I come across on a regular basis.