Amidst an ever-louder cacophony of environmental doomsday projections, it’s daunting to know how to make a personal contribution to the cause. The answer may be simpler than you think. If you happen to be equally unsure as to whether to outsource some of your administrative work, consider this: it could well be your opportunity to get temporary office help and do your part for the environment!


Many people in the business world are aware of the advantages of using a Virtual Assistant (VA), including enabling them to outsource tasks which are stressful, mundane, outside their own skill set, or that get left on the back burner for whatever reason. The VA is only paid for actual hours worked on each particular task. And there are none of the stress or medical leave worries, or the benefit, bonuses and tax headaches associated with full time employees.


But think of the environmental implications of hiring a home office VA as opposed to a traditional, commuting employee. From the moment the VA gets dressed and ready to work, she has already spared the environment in numerous ways. The casual clothes worn by VAs working from home have introduced little or no dry-cleaning solvent into the wastewater. The 10-second commute to the home office released no significant air, water, land or noise pollutants nor required any fossil fuel consumption. The VA’s office uses fewer lights, almost no paper (and by inference toner and printer cartridges), and the VA more than likely turns off the printer, computer, copier and modem when not in use. Then there are the take out meal containers and utensils she didn’t use, and the harsh industrial strength chemicals that didn’t go down the drain. What does it all mean? Less energy used, a smaller landfill burden, less particulate in the air, less noise pollution and fewer logged trees.


So, how can you do your part? Mentally unchain yourself from those pestering office projects that never seem to get done, and leave the administrative work to VAs. It will be good for your business and sanity, plus will do wonders for the environment. Less time spent in the rat race means more time spent nurturing healthy family and community ties.