Customer service should be as routine as paying the bills or ordering office supplies. It doesn’t have to be elaborate but its very important to incorporate a personal touch and maintain it.  One advantage of being a small business is that it’s easier to respond personally and within a reasonable amount of time.

Proactive resonses versus reactive

Reacting to questions and concerns is extremely important in any client relationship, however being proactive is equally as important.

  • Keep your clients apprised of their account and project status
  • If you are going beyond a deadline, be sure to let them know in advance

How software can help with customer relationship management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is very important to any business regardless of the size.  From solo entrepreneurs to large corporations,  This technology can help improve customer service and customer contact.

CRM activities are generally performed by sales, marketing and service professionals.  Customer Relationship Management can be the one thing that keeps your customers loyal. Implementing CRM in today’s market is non-negotiable.