Hopefully you have a plan for disasters within your personal life, as much as we can really plan for these things. This would include placing important documents in your fire proof safe, having all important account information in a place you can access if you can’t get to your home, and a plan of escape for your children or pets, but have you made a plan for your business? Did you really think it through beyond having an offsite backup of your data?

I ask this because one of my clients actually encountered this dilemma this morning and is now re-thinking their entire plan.  During the very early morning hours there was a wide spread power outage in their area. The entire building was without power and phones were down. They were confident that they had backed up all data and were not going to lose valuable information because they had a plan in place.  The one thing that they didn’t consider was the fact that all employee information was stored in an online account, that they could only access through their company intranet…which was down.

Take the time to protect your business from all disasters, whether major or minor. Have a plan in place for business continuity, and possibly a back up to your back up. Good continuity plans will ensure very few business interruptions and allow business to resume as quickly as possible.