This morning it was reported that Amazon is facing a legal challenge over Kindle. It seems that Discovery is suing Amazon for patent infringement. Discovery is claiming that they have held the patent rights for this idea since 2007.  They are citing that this infringes on intellectual property rights.

So you ask how this affects your business? You may not even offer a product, but rather a service based business. It is still very important to do your due diligence. Small businesses tend to be at a larger risk and possibly more vulnerable due to a lack of resources. 

When I first opened my business, I hired a designer to assist with the creation of my logo (no longer in use). This designer came to me with 3 options and I selected the one that was my preference. I did not have the knowledge that I now have, and trusted that the designer did her research to ensure that we were not infringing on another company. (Silly me, I will now always check). 

Wasn’t I shocked and apalled when I was watching a commercial with my family and my exact logo was in use by a company. Not just any company, but a very well known national corporation. My heart sank, and I immediately made the changes necessary to remove that logo from all of my property and hire a new designer to begin the process all over again.

Thankfully for me I noticed this long before the company did, however it could have gone differently.