Collegeville, PA Native Designs Landscaping, Inc. a landscape design company headquartered in Collegeville Pennsylvania collaborated with Murphy Assistants (MA) to create a website that not only displays their astounding talent in creating outdoor living spaces but also provides information on creating such spaces that respect and enhance the natural beauty of the location while maintaining the integrity of the surroundings.

Native plantings are specially acclimated to the regional climate and potential predators, and don’t require much in the way of alterations. Once your native plants are landscaped and flourishing, they require less tender love and care than non-native ones. The benefits to the consumer includes: limit climate impact; waste reduction; water conservation; reduction to carbon footprint; and energy savings. 

When it came time to establishing their online presence, Native Design Landscaping sought the graphic design expertise of Murphy Assistants, a full-service company of virtual assistants (VAs). 

 Native Designs Landscaping

Murphy Assistants

From Thomas Wolfgang, President and Owner of Native Designs Landscaping, Inc.: “We take complete pride in presenting a professional drafting of the outdoor space to be created, which we create based on personal interviews of the client and on-site evaluations.  Being in the ‘Green Industry’ is serious business to us that we go the extra mile to provide such services to not only provide beautiful surroundings but do it in the most ecological way.”

Murphy Assistants is a one-stop business support team of VAs offering administrative assistance with office management, event planning and desktop publishing. Native Designs Landscaping is a full service landscaping company located in Collegeville Pennsylvania .