While rolling out your marketing and social media plan can be exciting and at times overwhelming, there is no need for fear if you adhere to some simple rules. 

Don’t fall into a false sense of security when posting to social media outlets or responding to those who are connected to you. Those with business and personal accounts need to keep in mind that not everyone out there is who they appear to be. There are those out there who can program malicious apps and send through all social media outlets.

Social media is important because it provides a broader platform to reach your target market and share valuable information with them without spamming. Some very important tips to remember as you get started are:

  • Limit talking about yourself, but rather provide useful information to your readers
  • Be sure to incorporate your offline promotions as well
  • Be responsive; have one member of your staff/team who is responsible for managing all forms of social media for the best response rate. This is equivalent to good customer service.