While doing research for a client in order to boost their client retention, I have really learned a few things. I thought it would make for a great blog post to help others as well as remind myself.

So we have all used customer relationship management software, whether in the sales process or in the win-back of lapsed clients, it is a fantastic tool to keep all pertinent data in one location. At the click of a mouse, you have the clients information in front of you which gives the customer that personal touch that we all love.

We have also seen customer loyalty programs in business. This may be a retail store offering a free item with the purchase of 3 other items. Or every 4th visit you get a free cup of coffee. While that is nice, it is not the real reason we are patronizing the store. If we didn’t like the product, giving it for free would not really be beneficial to us, would it?

Customer loyalty cannot be bought, it must be earned!

I have loyalty cards from the 8 major grocery chains in my area hanging from my keychain. Does it pay? To build loyalty, you must earn it. But how?

  • Customer communication – be sure to keep in communication with your client base. Send them small thank you’s, birthday cards and company newsletters.
  • Make sure you focus on the customer over your company, keep the focus on the customer’s needs and not your needs (customer centric)
  • Establish good ethics – be a company that the customer can really trust

Customer loyalty and retention is about relationships. If you build a solid foundation, your customer will not only remain but they may just refer new business to you.MA cropped2


Customer service should be as routine as paying the bills or ordering office supplies. It doesn’t have to be elaborate but its very important to incorporate a personal touch and maintain it.  One advantage of being a small business is that it’s easier to respond personally and within a reasonable amount of time.

Proactive resonses versus reactive

Reacting to questions and concerns is extremely important in any client relationship, however being proactive is equally as important.

  • Keep your clients apprised of their account and project status
  • If you are going beyond a deadline, be sure to let them know in advance

How software can help with customer relationship management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is very important to any business regardless of the size.  From solo entrepreneurs to large corporations,  This technology can help improve customer service and customer contact.

CRM activities are generally performed by sales, marketing and service professionals.  Customer Relationship Management can be the one thing that keeps your customers loyal. Implementing CRM in today’s market is non-negotiable.