Moorestown, NJ Interstate Connecting Components (ICC), a global wholesaler of military- and commercial-grade connectors, collaborated with Murphy Assistants (MA) to make its National Sales Meeting in February, 2008, a resounding success.


Originally established in 1986 as a supplier of US Navy shipbuilding connectors, ICC has grown to become a preeminent distributor of the entire spectrum of connectors, spanning applications in aerospace, shipbuilding, avionics, telecommunication, and broadcast markets worldwide.


When it came time to organize its annual National Sales Meeting, ICC sought the conference planning expertise of Murphy Assistants, a full-service company of virtual assistants (VAs).


Corporate delegates attended from all of ICC’s branch locations, including New Jersey, California and Virginia, and with the help of Murphy Assistants, the meeting was “virtually” seamless! Before, during and long after the meeting, Murphy Assistants was there to ensure that no detail was overlooked.


Murphy Assistants assisted with the whole gamut of particulars that any trade event entails: presentation preparation, travel and hotel arrangements, on-site assistance, and catering, to name but a few. Murphy Assistants also organized a networking social on Saturday evening at Café Madison, worked closely with all vendors, and followed up with feedback from the attendees, to assist ICC with planning next year’s event.


Murphy Assistants is a one-stop business support team of VAs offering administrative assistance with office management, event planning and desktop publishing. Interstate Connecting Components is a world-class distributor of military and commercial connectors and connector accessories.


Interstate Connecting Components (ICC)

Murphy Assistants